Alphabets of disabled people

Logos / signs of disabled people

Finger sign ILY

Blind signs:

Logo 'three black dots' (disabled sign) Logo 'man with cane white on blue' old Logo 'Man with white cane black on yellow' Austria Logo 'man with cane white on blue' new

Blind people need a traffic safety sign because they can pose a danger on public roads. Find out about labeling options (in Germany).

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Deaf signs:

Deaf-Logo invers Deaf logo angular I-Love-You-Logo Logo 'three black dots' (disabled sign)

Deaf people have to see particularly well on public roads due to the acoustic limitations, but generally do not need any identification.

The finger sign "ILY" is used especially for mutual identifier.

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Deafblind signs:

Deafblind logo (tbi): crossed out ear + cane man (blue on white) Deafblind logo (bpt): Cane man + plus sign + crossed out ear (angular) (white on blue) Logo 'three black dots' (disabled sign) Deafblind logo (tbh): Hand with eye and ear on palm - I see and hear with my hands (blue on white)

Deaf-blind people pose a particular danger on the road due to their lack of far-sightedness. Deaf-blind people should therefore identify themselves in a particularly conspicuous manner.

So that even people who have no experience with deaf-blind people can communicate with them in the event of danger, deaf-blind people should have a communication card with them.

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Signs for other disabled people:

Logo 'drei schwarze Punkte' (Behindertenzeichen)

The well-known armband with the three black dots can be used not only by blind people, but too by all disabled people.

However, the three dots should generally be replaced by other characters to increase acceptance. For example with a black warning triangle on a yellow background:

Logo 'Warndreieck' (Behindertenzeichen) als Vorschlag