Alphabets of disabled people

all alphabets of fakoo.de

Inform you or learn the follow alphabets:

The writings for the blind:

Braille Braille Alphabet Raphigraphy Raphigraphy Alphabet Barbier Barbier Alphabet Moon Moon Alphabet Fakoo Fakoo Alphabet Quadoo Quadoo Alphabet Siekoo Siekoo Alphabet

Or the alphabets for deaf or deafblind people:

Finger­alphabetFingeralphabet Lorm Lorm Alphabet Morse Morse Alphabet

The alphabets of fakoo.de/en in alphabetical order:

Alphabet Developer Pages
Alston Alphabet John Alston, 1830 blind writings
American Braille Alphabet Joel W. Smith, 1878 blind writings
Barbier Alphabet Charles Barbier, 1815 Barbier
Block Alphabet --- Lorm
Braille Alphabet Louis Braille, 1825 Braille
Braille Line Alphabet Alexander Fakoó, 2008 Braille
Braille-on-Black Alphabet Alexander Fakoó, 2009 Braille
ColorAdd Code Miguel Neiva, 2010 ColorAdd
Computer­braille Alphabet technical development around 1980 Computer Braille
Deafblind Manual Alphabet (unknown) Lorm Alternatives
Elia Alphabet ELIA Idea Team, 2017 blind writings
Fakoo Alphabet Alexander Fakoó, 2008 Fakoo
Finger­alphabet (Monks) Fingeralphabet
Gall Alphabet James Gall, 1831 blind writings
Haüy Alphabet Valentin Haüy, 1784 blind writings
Hebold Alphabet Ernst Eduard Hebold, 1859 blind writings
Howe Alphabet Dr. Samuel Gridley Howe, 1832 blind writings
Lorm Alphabet Hieronymus Lorm, 1881 Lorm
Lucas Alphabet Thomas Mark Lucas, 1838 blind writings
Malossi Alphabet (unknown) Lorm Alternatives
Mascaro Alphabet Dr. Don Aniceto Mascaró, 1900 blind writings
Moon Alphabet Dr. William Moon, 1845 Moon
Moon9 Alphabet Alexander Fakoó, 2011 Moon
Morse Alphabet Friedrich Clemens Gerke, 1848 Morse
Night Wrinting Alphabet Charles Barbier, 1815 Barbier
New York Point Alphabet William Bell Wait, 1860 blind writings
Niessen Alphabet Johannes Nießen, (unknown) Niessen
Quadoo Alphabet Alexander Fakoó, 2008 Quadoo
Raphigrafie Alphabet Louis Braille, 1839 Raphigraphy
Rila Alphabet Stefan Stoynov, 2016 blind writings
Siekoo Alphabet Alexander Fakoó, 2012 Sieko
Sting Writing Alphabet Johann Wilhelm Klein, 1807 blind writings
Terzi Alphabet Francesco Lana di Terzi, 1670 blind writings