Alphabets of disabled people

Logos and signs for deaf-blind people

Deafblind logo / deafblind symbol (Symbols for deaf and blind together or own symbol for deafblind)

Crossed-out ear and man with white cane logo for deafblind people (in white on a blue background)

Deafblind logo (tbi): crossed out ear + cane man (blue on white) Deafblind logo (tpb): Cane man + plus sign + crossed out ear (white on blue) Deafblind logo (tbhk): Hand with eye and ear on palm - I see and hear with my hands (blue on white)

deafblind logo big for printing (graphics by Alexander Fakoó)

Taubblinden-Logo Handfläche mit Auge und Ohr
these and many other versions for printing

Here you can interactively create a communication card for the deaf-blind:

communication card for the deaf-blind
(prevent communication problems in the first place)