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Braille Writer Simulator
(dot writing machine /
blind typewriter)

blind type-writer

On this page can seeing people write Braille like on a real Braille Writer
only with 6 keys. Used are the keys S D F and J K L of a
normal keyboard, is required Javascript. (Unfortunately,
the simulator does not work with all keyboards,
it must first establish a keybord test.)

[ Keys SDF JKL as 123 456 ]       Display: Braille

Write Braille only with the keys SDF and JKL of your normal keybord

cheat sheet 1
cheat sheet 2
cheat sheet 3

cheat sheet 1
cheat sheet 2
cheat sheet 3
cheat sheet 4
cheat sheet 5
cheat sheet 6


  • the used function of the simulator is dependent on your keyboard, to identify with the 6-Keys Test. If not all keys are handed over, you can not use this simulator. It is necessary before the first use you have to press the 6 keys S D F and J K L simultaneously. If the test succeeds, the result will be saved with a cookie in your browser.
  • write your Braille characters by pressing the appropriate dot keys togehter, for dot 3 the key S, for dot 2 the key D, for dot 1 the key F, for dot 4 the key J and so on (see diagram above)
  • if Braille characters are written you can't delete them, when mistakes instead set some basic characters (Full Cell) and some spaces and write the wrong word again
  • the Spacebar inserts a space and with the Enter Key to get a line feed, with the Escape Key (ESC) empty the page and the Keys 1 to 3 open and close the cheat sheets
  • if possible, write without displaying the print letters, turn them only to control, to switch you can also use the Tabulator Key (Tab), the sign means, the follow letter is a uppercase letter
  • it helps only diligence and perseverance to learn how blind with the blind typewriter to write
  • Keyboard changed, and now error in the output? new keyboard-test force

Keyboard Test to take away (new window) (test the desired computer)

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